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Learn how to tend your own fertility timing, without the need of drugs, procedures, or the medical/political system to

dictate how it should be done. All we need grows right under our feet.

Saturday June 10, 2023

Montague, MA

Frieda Kipar Bay, RH has been using herbs to support fertility planning since 2000.  Her personal and clinical experience has led her to deep research on the history of using plants to support fertility and time conception, and how that spans thousands of years and even species.  She is committed to keeping this knowledge alive alongside access to medical fertility choice.  She has a clinical practice, teaches intermediate/advanced herbal classes, and teaches qigong.  Find out more at

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cultivating resiliency, relationship, rituals and connection with the cycles of nature

One Sunday / Month from 10am-4pm

 March - November 2023

Applications  - 2023 courses are full, apply to be added to waitlist as space may open up.


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No matter how far you are from home, it's helpful to have an herbal kit you can reach for during those unanticipated occasions when your body calls for the support of plant allies. Learn what community herbalist Hannah Jacobson-Hardy packs in her travel kit to stay calm, grounded and healthy. Each item that Hannah will recommend is small enough to carry onto a plane and weighs very little for those backcountry explorers. From motion sickness, food poisoning, dry coughs, anxiety and headaches, Hannah will cover what she never leaves home without.

Replay coming soon. 

Looking for a fresh start in the spring? Start the season feeling energized, clear, and focused with a gentle cleanse from simple herbal preparations! Join Hannah Jacobson-Hardy, Community Herbalist and Founder of Sweet Birch Herbals to learn how to prepare a gentle "Spring Cleanse" using simple combinations of beneficial herbs! 

Do seasonal allergies have you feeling bogged down and tired? Herbs can be one of our greatest allies when pollen counts are at their highest. Join Hannah Jacobson-Hardy, Community Herbalist and founder of Sweet Birch Herbals, for a fun and informative class about herbal preparations that may improve seasonal allergies!

People all over the world have been relying on herbal medicine for thousands of years for support with PMS, cramps, healthy pregnancy, postpartum, hormonal acne, fibroids, heavy bleeding, irregular cycles, menopause, and hormone balancing. Join Hannah Jacobson-Hardy, Community Herbalist and founder of Sweet Birch Herbals for this webinar about herbal preparations and lifestyle changes that may bring more balance to the body. 

“Thank you so much - this is so generous - a wealth of really useful knowledge, beautiful presentation.”

“A great deal of invaluable information explained clearly.”

“I liked learning I need to do hip circles - and at the end she mentioned facing the hula hoops at the fair! 

“I love Hannah's energy!” 

What participants are saying about these webinars: 

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