Herbalist (AHG), B.S. and  

Certified Life Coach, CLC



Hannah Jacobson-Hardy, founder of Sweet Birch Herbals, is a holistic health coach and community herbalist devoted to providing western Massachusetts with high-quality plant-based medicines that are locally grown and sustainably wild-crafted.


Hannah approaches her work with compassion and an open heart as she serves a wide range of clients. She also offers herbal medicine classes throughout Massachusetts.


Hannah creates custom blended formulas and provides specifically tailored protocols that include nutritional guidance and lifestyle suggestions. All of her plant medicines are sustainably wild crafted and cultivated to ensure abundance for future generations.





Clearpath Herbals School

Certified Life Coach, CLC  

Shiatsu Practitioner                                                                   

B.A. University of Massachusetts                                       

Sustainability and Environmental Justice

Sweet Birch Herbals is deeply committed to living in a world of justice, peace and equality for all people. I am deeply grateful for the medicine people of every culture that have kept their practices alive. I give thanks to all of my teachers.

Black Lives Matter

No Human is Illegal

Love is LOVE

Woman's Rights are Human Rights

Water is Life

All Genders Are Whole

Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere


I am committed to growing herbs on the land in Ashfield with the highest vibration of love and healing. When I purchased the 3 acres in December 2018, I offered a prayer to the land immediately upon arrival. I shared with the land that I release all ownership even though I will refer to it as "my home, my land" and the bank will consider me the "title owner." My home is on stolen land from the Indigenous Peoples (Pocumtuc, Nonotuck Mohawk, Nipmuc, and Mohican) and I apologize for any suffering, racism, genocide and harmful actions taken place here. I pray for forgiveness. My hope is to work in conjunction with the Spirit of the Land and listen to him (yes, he is a him I am learning) for guidance as I grow herbal medicines, raise goats, chickens, honeybees and food for the community infused with love, every step of the way toward a more just and peaceful world. Thank you.