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cultivating resiliency, relationship, rituals and connection with the cycles of nature

One Sunday / Month from 10:30am-3:30pm

 March - November 2024

Join me on my homestead in the hilltowns of Western Massachusetts to intensively study local medicine and wild edibles. We'll discover how each season correlates with the plants available for holistic health and eating what nature provides. 

Beginning late winter we'll meet each month to learn about seasonally available plants and how to incorporate them into our home kitchens. Each class we’ll spend time as a group grounding into the sacred space of plants, wander the woods and gardens, and make medicines with what we forage on the land. Over the course of the nine months, apprentices will build their own apothecaries and fill their kitchen cabinets with tinctures, salves, salt scrubs, syrups, vinegars, oxymels, teas, medicinal ghee, fermented foods, wild mushrooms, elixirs and more. 

 This is a great opportunity to sink your feet into the Earth’s wisdom, slow down with a group of plants lovers in all the elements, and empower one another with the foundations of wild edibles and herbal medicine.


  • Seasonal Eating + Cooking with Herbs / Wild Edibles

  • Cultivating Herbs for Home Use

  • Sustainable Wildcrafting

  • Creating Relationships with the Plant World

  • Materia Medica + Plant Identification

  • Plant Spirit Medicine Journeys

  • Flower & Water Essence Making 

  • Building a Home Apothecary

  • Attuning our Bodies with Nature’s Cycles

  • Developing Intuition + Capacity to Listen to the Plant Spirits

  • In Depth Study of the Five Elements - Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Wood

  • Resiliency during Personal and Planetary Transformations 

  • Field Trips to nearby farms & foraging locations

  • Certificate of Completion for the Wild Edibles & Medicinal Herbs Program


  • Nine -month apprenticeship $900  

        ($300 deposit due at registration + $600 due Feb. 1, 2024)

  • Bring a friend and save 5% off tuition

  • Space is limited to 12 apprentices

  • Hard copy manuals are an additional $100 (due at registration), digital are free.

  • Material fee included (jars and ingredients to take home products)

  • Cancellation policy: if your cancellation is within 60 days prior to the class start date, you will receive a full refund. Receive 50% 30 days prior. No refunds within 30 days prior to the program's first date. This policy applies to the full cost of the program regardless of whether a payment plan has been agreed upon, you are expected to pay the full amount of $900. Refund requests must be sent in writing to: When you register for a class, you agree to these terms.

  • Inclement Weather: If class is canceled due to inclement weather, a notification will be sent via email with the new date. 

  • Make Up Classes in other groups are designed for pre planned events that interfere with the meeting time, emergencies, or illnesses. There are no refunds for missed classes.

  • No prior experience necessary for Year 1 Program. This apprenticeship is open to beginners, intermediates, and advanced students who desire more connection with the plants and building community with other plant lovers. Please note which program you are applying for (Tulsi or Burdock).

  • This program is a great addition to any wellness practitioner's toolbox.

  • Classes take place outside in the garden, fields, and woods, so please dress appropriately for all weather. There is an outdoor privy. 

  • Bring you own lunch​

  • Farm Apothecary Store is open for browsing herbal items, ghee, and farm artwork after class

Choose from three levels:

Tulsi (Beginner Level) - no prior experience necessary, open to everyone. Named after Tulsi Holy Basil, an annual herb that is a wonderful ally for those new to walking the path of plants.

Meets: 1st Sunday of the month

Burdock (Intermediate Level) - some experience or prior trainings. Named after Burdock, a biannual herb with a long taproot. 

Meets: 4th Sunday of the month

Nettle (Advanced Level) - years of experience and ready to dive even deeper. Must have apprenticed at least 1 year with Hannah. Named after nettles, a perennial plant that is both food and medicine, spreading prolifically wherever planted. 

date TBD

tulsi harvest herbs
blackberries wild
blueberry pine shrub
violet syrup
rose day cream
sweetgrass braids
wild edible recipes

" The Apprenticeship with Hannah bridged the huge gap I felt between book learning and doing and creating. It showed me an embodied example of how to relate to plants, and how to work with them respectfully and intentionally for healing. It helped hone my intuition for harvesting, which is in itself an art. It created a space for slowing down and tuning in." AC, Sheffield, MA

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