This holiday season, go easy on yourself. With only a few clicks, you can send a wellness gift box filled with locally grown & wild-crafted herbal products to your dear friends and family. Better yet, ask someone to get it for you! We all deserve to have a gift like this to keep us healthy all winter long.

Ordering Instructions:
1) Select the body care and elixir items you would like in the gift box. Everything else in the box is listed to the right.

2) Choose between shipping the box directly to you, or have it sent to the person receiving this special gift.


Save on shipping and pick up the box locally:

Winter Farmer's Market in Northampton by 12/16 - use coupon code: NOHOWINTER

3) Add a specific note to your order if you would like the box to include any words to the recipient.
Example: "Cheers to a healthy holiday season!"

For more information about each product, they are listed individually inside the Online Store.

Sweet Birch Gift Box (Medium)

Body Care
Herbal Tea from Full Kettle Farm
    • Elixir 4 oz. bottle - choose one: Elderberry Syrup OR Fighter Cider


    • Tincture 1 oz. bottle – choose one: sleep support, stress relief, Lyme prevention, lung support, allergy relief, immune boost, digestive bitters, heart/spirit support, passion potion, moontime pain relief


    • Luscious Lip Balm


    • Full Kettle Farm Herbal Loose Leaf Tea 2 oz.

    choose one: Tulsi; Lemon Ginger; Heart Tonic; Doublemint; Mint Verbena; Sleep More More; Bold as Blood; Murder of Colds; Full Breadth, Restoration


    • Body Care 2 oz. tin- choose one: Lavender Night Cream, Rose Day Cream, Sore Muscle Rub, Healing Balm


    • Full Moon Ghee 9 oz. jar