We have eight new herbal kits to choose from:


For the Heart

Heart Tonic Tea

Heart - Spirit Support Tincture

Rose Day Cream 



Elderberry Syrup

Anti- Viral Tincture

Murder of Colds Tea



Full Breath Tea

Allergy Relief Tincture

Respiratory Support Tincture


Summer Special

Lyme Prevention Tincture

Mint Verbena Tea (great iced)

Healing Balm (for bug bites!)



Stress Relief Tincture

Sleep More Tea

Lavender Night Cream


Anti-Inflammatory/Aches & Pains Relief

Turmeric Ghee

Sore Muscle Rub

Liver Tonic


Moon Time Support Kit

Menstrual Tincture

Chocolate Ghee - made with cacao and raw honey on the full moon!

Restorative Tea Blend


Tick Kit

Lyme Prevention Tincture

Tick & Bug Repellent 

Healing Balm for Itchy Bites

Herbal Kits