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About the CSA Box:


The Five Element Herbal CSA Box is a yearlong subscription. You will receive 5 boxes over the course of the year, about every 10 weeks,  each one mailed directly from my garden to your home.


Every season has its gifts and its challenges. I love connecting people to the plants so we can attune our bodies to the wise cycles of nature. Your subscription box is designed to help your body adapt to each new season through the 5-element lens of Chinese Medicine: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal.



Each box will contain: 


  • sustainably wildcrafted and cultivated herbal extract

  •  seasonal herbal tea

  •  body care cream, balm or salt scrub

  •  block printed herb art

  • dried herb of the season for DIY recipe

  • zine with recipes & info. on the herb of the season


This CSA is a collaboration of three women entrepreneurs who love the plant world and all things herbal. We grow and process the herbs for each box. Our Ashfield artist, Andrea Caluori carves and block prints the plant of the season. Maggie Ranen, our production manager creates the zine imagery and hand crafts each item. Hannah, the founder writes the zine and formulates each box to support you during the seasonal shifts.  


Each year we make new boxes highlighting different herbs so you can sign up year after year! 


Self care is a revolutionary act that is crucial for creating personal or planetary change. Everyone and everything benefits when we are nourished, rested, and feel connected to our visions. Receive the gift of seasonal support with the Sweet Birch Herbals Five Element CSA Box.


If you prefer to pay monthly, select that option in the online store, but you will have to pay shipping. 

Apothecary CSA Box

  • Refunds & Cancellations

    There are no refunds or cancellations for the CSA Box. If your address changes please notify us immediately. 

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