Carly Leusner of Acorn Kitchen wild food CSA, Hannah Jacobson-Hardy, community herbalist of Sweet Birch Herbals and Emily French, clinical herbalist of Sweetgrass Herbals invite you to an educational and restful weekend of hands on workshops, swimming, cooking, and yoga in the beautiful woods of southern N.H.



Medicine Making: hands-on experience making tinctures, salves, lotions & medicinal teas


Class description:

Once we learn how to identify medicinal plants growing in the local environment, the next step is making our own medicines. In this class we will learn simple and highly effective remedies in the forms of teas, tinctures, vinegars, and oils. Each preparation extracts the medicinal properties of the plants for our personal use at home for both cooking and body care products. This hands-on exploration will give you the knowledge and tools to try the recipes on your own for daily nourishment, cold and flu prevention, and treatment of seasonal allergies. Let us empower one another to participate in the ancient healing traditions of making herbal medicine!

-Hannah Jacobson-Hardy


Encouraging Nature Based Health at Home: how to encourage an empowering nature-based healthcare system in our communities 


Class description: 

Plant medicine is empowering. Knowing how to use the plants growing abundantly in the wild and in our gardens enables us to take care of ourselves, our families and our communities with safe and potent medicines that are free, understandable, and life-affirming. Throughout the weekend, we'll be learning and working with many of these "local hero" plant allies: addressing common health issues both seasonal and long-standing, understanding how to mix herbs together for maximum efficacy, deepening our knowledge of how to stay healthy through the seasons as well as knowing how to return to health when something goes awry, and so much more. One of the things I love most about herbal medicine is its accessibility - if you know the basics, you can do a lot! And if you get hooked... well, watch out! It might turn into a lifelong love affair with the plants. 

Looking forward to being with you all.

-Emily French


Food as Medicine: participatory & celebratory meals focusing on cooking for health with organic, seasonal & wild foods


Class description:

The act of eating, whether we acknowledge it or not, is true ritualized intimacy with each morsel that descends though our digestive tract, permeating and becoming our being.  Nutrient dense, sacred foods, wrongfully deemed "weeds" loyally appear in heavily human trafficked spaces offering us a grand opportunity to seek vitality and sound health on highly accessible, already well trodden paths. Together we will approach wild food as an elemental piece of being connected creatures rather than a last ditch survival trick. Learn the brilliance and simplicity of incorporating wild foods in your diet using simple recipes and preservation techniques. Meet common edible plants growing prolifically and abundantly in New England and discover their medicinal actions, processing techniques, nutritional profiles, and more! We will taste and discuss a variety of easy and effective ways to preserve summer’s wild bounty, prioritizing nutrient preservation and flavor, stretching the green world's gifts through the depths of winter. Informative handouts and recipes will be provided. 

-Carly Leusner 


Yoga Classes: start your day with gentle stretches and restorative postures overlooking the lake and mountains with Iyengar teacher Sarah Berquist 


The cost for the weekend is sliding scale increments of:

$350 - $390 - $430  


Special until September 1st: Bring a friend and save $25 each


If you have the resources please consider the higher end of the scale to make this retreat affordable for all.


All levels of herbalists & foragers are welcome, including beginners.


To register, contact Hannah Jacobson-Hardy

(413) 695-5968

or email: 



A Sample Menu of Our Edible Offerings 


We accommodate special diets with joy! Please let us know of any allergies or restrictions to help us keep you comfortable and well nourished through the weekend.  



Scrambled Pasture Raised Eggs with Wild & Domestic Local Greens 

Acorn Biscuits with Wild Mushroom Gravy and Plantain Seeds

Local Breakfast Sausage 

with Homemade Dandelion Mustard & Fermented Veggies 

Raw Keifer or Homemade Yogurt With Local Frozen Berries

& Homemade Granola



Fresh Fish Chowder

Curried Root Veggie Bisque

Corn Bread & Sourdough Spelt 

French Style Carrot and Kale Slaw with Lemon Dijon Dressing

Roasted Vegetable, Wild Mushroom, & Goat CheeseTart 

Wild Rice with Local Nuts & Berries  



Yellow dock/Acorn/Masa tortillas

Elderberry Chipotle Refried Beans

Raw Jack Cheese & Side Hill Sour Cream 

Raw Marinated Wild Greens with Apple and Sunflower Seeds

Slow cooked Chili Lime Pork or Hosta Hill Tempeh  

Roasted Potatoes with Sumac and Spices 

Fermented Salsa Verde with Tomatillos 

Fresh Herb Spiked Salsa 



Wild Carrot Spice Cake 

Fresh Whipped Cream with Sumac and basil 

Rosehip apple pie 


Wild Food & Herbal Medicine Weekend Retreat

Mondanock Manse on Silver Lake, Harrisville, NH

September 11th - 13th 



Emily French is the founder of Sweetgrass Herbals, based in Sterling, MA and Lincoln, VT. She is a clinical herbalist, medicine-maker, educator, farmer, and wildcrafter with a deep respect for the healing plants and the people who have carried their generous legacy through the generations. She is committed to community education and skill-building around empowered, local, nature-based health and healthcare. Emily holds a degree in Clinical Herbalism from the Clearpath School of Herbal Medicine and a degree in Holistic Medicine & Sustainable Agriculture from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She teaches classes and workshops throughout New England, and has served on the Council of the Northeast Herbal Association. For more information, visit

Hannah Jacobson-Hardy is native to Western Massachusetts where she spends her days foraging for wild food, gardening, and sharing the bountiful harvest with friends and family. Hannah is the owner of Sweet Birch Herbals, where sees a wide range of clients offering her services as an Herbalist and Certified Life Coach. Her work revolves around her passion for connecting people to their own inner wisdom with the assistance of plant-based medicine so they may lead healthy lives that are truly aligned with their values. Read all about her personal journey for the past 5 years on her blog.

Carly has been enchanted by the topic of nourishment ever since her childhood days of catching crawfish in the backyard stream and making dandelion mud pies. She has studied herbalism and wild food cookery for close to a decade, both formally and as an integrated, vital part of her daily life. Carly co-founded and runs Acorn Kitchen, a wild food and medicine educational collaborative in 2011.  She always looks forward to the next moment she can dance around the stove and share the joy of eating handmade food and medicines with others. 

Sarah is a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Iyengar-inspired Yoga Instructor.  She believes yoga is an ever-evolving journey of practicing loving acceptance of the present moment.  She strives to carry her yoga and meditation practice beyond the mat and into all areas of life.  Her classes invite students to bring peace, grace, loving kindness, and mindfulness into all aspects of their busy lives. At UMass, she is an Instructor in the Stockbridge School of Agriculture and teaches a course on “Wellness for Beginning Farmers".  Sarah loves growing and sharing food in community, and her ever-growing passion for teaching ranges from yoga to agriculture. She believes in the healing power of mindful living and is committed to connecting others to the humbling beauty of nature through her teaching.