Sweet Birch Herbals is a community herbal medicine company located on three acres nestled in the hills of Ashfield, Massachusetts.

At the farm, we grow over 100 varieties of medicinal and culinary herbs for our products and for sale in our farm apothecary store. 

Everything is grown organically without the use of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Our honeybees would certainly not approve of those practices and nor do we!

Our chickens and goats, also fed organically, provide fertilizer for our fields each spring and fall. They appreciate the herbal treats and good lovin' from our farm in exchange for all the hard work they do. 

Our practices are aligned with the moon, always asking the land to guide us, and listening for directions from the spirits of the land. 

We give thanks and bow our heads to the land stewards and ancestors who came before us. 

We harvest and plant by the moon, similar to the biodynamic method, living in tune with the natural cycles of the seasons. 

Our medicines are harvested after asking permission and offering gratitude. We grow a few varieties of tobacco for offerings to the plant spirits and animals of the land which give us life, a practice Hannah's teachers have shared with her since she began her studies as a medicine woman.