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With a reverence for spring and the plants associated with it, Botanical Anthology: Spring 2024 is now available.  


It is a seasonal, plant centered print magazine bringing you over 40+ articles from 38 contributors to help you incorporate herbs in your apothecary, kitchen, harvests, crafts, celebrations and more.


* Infuse willow bark tincture, steep a tonic syrup + make body scrub cubes 

* Sauté Japanese knotweed, sip dandelion cordial + pickle magnolia blossoms 

* Grow dye plants, forage a wild salad + consider micro foraging

* Create a botanical book, assemble a tabletop greenhouse  + weave pine needle trivets

* Brew full moon teas, craft a growth grid + discover spring as earth

* Celebrate Spring Equinox, May Day + Mother’s Day with simple observances

* Meet Jessica Roux, Essence Miller, Tanner Filyaw, Kristine Clay + Rosemary Gladstar


This publication is comprised of 7 subsections: Apothecary, Kitchen, Harvest, Craft, Folklore, Celebrate + Viewpoint. We also have many fun features throughout the publication.  


Take a peek at the images to see the full table of contents!


Let us be your guide to work with plants as you journey through this spring season. 



Botanical Anthology Spring 2024 Edition

Only 4 left in stock
  • Information

    This edition is a hard copy. You can have it mailed or pick up at our farm store.  We also have digital copies available for download.

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