This is a time for you to surrender into the arms of the Mother Earth. I am honored to be here with you in whatever way your journey unfolds while entrusting the plants are here, waiting to be called upon. Let's answer their calls together, and receive the medicine that is always available when we open ourselves to the wisdom of the plant spirits. 

Sessions are based on each of our combined intuitions and guidance from nature spirits, therefore subject to change and adapt. We’ll begin by grounding into the time we have together outside, weather permitting. We could be seated in the same place the entire time in the garden, woods, apothecary or moving freely on the land. I’ll ask your intention for the session and what you want to leave with. The rest of our time together will be fluid, moving with guidance from the plants and the land, always rooted and expanding on your intention. Upon closing, clarity may arise about which plants would like to be with you after you leave. We’ll visit the apothecary and select the medicines for your highest healing or even make items together for you to take home. 


Hand-crafted herbal medicines available from my apothecary:

  • Tinctures

  • Teas

  • Glycerites

  • Honeys

  • Vinegars

  • Flower essences

​What may be included in a Plant Spirit Journey?

  • Plant Wisdom Communication - I am a facilitator between you and the plant allies. Ask questions, bring your deepest concerns to them, and we will listen for answers.

  • Herbal Medicines - I will tune into which plant medicines and what form may serve you in your highest healing

  • Receiving the wisdom of the Earth / Pachamama Channel - I will become a vessel for the Pachamama’s messages, and share her teachings with you.

  • Guidance from the Five Elements - we will tune into where your body is and which organ systems are needing support during this particular time in the cycle. I will offer ways to replenish the systems of your body that are ready for receiving nourishment.

  • Shiatsu - hands on Five Element Acupressure balances the systems of the body through gentle massage promoting the meridians to flow freely.

  • Deepening Intuition - I will entrust you with your own innate intuition and offer ways to cultivate  a practice of sensitizing yourself to your intuition. We will journey to where your intuition resides and how to tap into it’s well of wisdom.

  • Releasing old stories that no longer serve - we'll incorporate a technique known as Infinity Healing, which is a highly efficient way to release outdated belief systems and clear blockages through the primal brain.

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"My Plant Spirit Journey with Hannah was such sweet nectar for my soul. Before my session I was stressed and really judging myself for my moodiness and out of control emotional upheaval. I was trying to do too many things at once, so I was in this perpetual state of rushing and never completing things, then continuing to add new things to my plate. This was affecting my relationships and making me feel really angry over little things. This deep dive really helped me slow down and connect back to my heart center. It allowed me to have clarity again about what was important in my life. It helped me get out of my head and back into my heart."

                            - B.M., Haydenville, MA