Life Coaching sessions are designed to meet your needs and map out specific goals for moving forward so you can lead the life you truly desire. As your Coach, I intend to hold you accountable for the changes you wish to see unfold. I want you to be successful, happy, and healthy!


Are you feeling overwhelmed by work, life, or family?

Do you seem to be a bit stuck?

Is that inner voice of self-doubt sabotaging your success in business or relationships?


These are some big questions that can be really daunting, right? Dealing with them alone can be really isolating. I’ve been there. Finding a Coach to guide you closer to where your heart aligns with your work is a wise decision. That is how I got to where I am today. Together, we can get clear on what will move you forward to accomplish your goals and reach your highest potential. By highlighting your strengths and natural gifts, we can create a plan that sets you up for success!


I coach I wide range of individuals who are ready to do the work it takes to step into their purpose with confidence. Coaching can take many shapes and forms for people of all walks of life. Many people of various life stages such as these have found great success from our coaching:


Young people seeking direction

Parents with long to-do lists and not enough time or energy

People in relationships that need attention

Folks who want to take charge of their health & wellness

Adults thinking about or in the middle of a career change






(3 Sessions)





(6 Sessions)

All consultations can happen over the phone/Skype or in-person.



If full payment is difficult for you, barter, payment plans, and other creative solutions are often an option  


"Thanks to Hannah’s guidance, I’ve put together a clearer plan for the future that’s more aligned with my heart instead of my head. This is Hannah’s true gift as a life coach. She has a rare ability, with a wisdom far beyond her years, to guide you to your own inner wisdom, where the answers always lie."


-C.F., Easthampton, MA