Offering your body the gift to heal is invaluable. 

Each person is unique. Different bodies call for different approaches. Herbal consultations with me are an integration of Chinese & Western Herbal Medicine customized to meet your needs. 


We will work together to find the root of the issue so we can invite lasting balance back into your body. My sessions are based in ancient holistic approaches of listening to your whole self- body, mind, spirit, and soul.


After each session I will send you a detailed Wellness Protocol. It may include the goals we have set, lifestyle suggestions, nutritional guidance, and herbal recipes. I create a custom blended formula for you which focuses on the systems in your body that are calling for support. This blend of herbs works harmoniously together to balance your individual constitution. All the herbs in the formula are organically grown and sustainably wild-crafted.



 Herbal formulas can address the following specific issues:



Seasonal Allergies

Lyme Disease

Digestive Issues

Stress & Anxiety

Inability to focus

Fertility Enhancement for both Men and Women

Menstrual Pain, PMS, Menopausal Symptoms

Bone Density Loss

Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Colds and Flus

Respiratory Issues

 Muscular/Skeletal Discomfort

Joint pain

Auto-immune Disorders


Chronic Fatigue & Adrenal Fatigue





Initial Sessions

In the first session, we are forming a baseline of resources for you. I will ask you to fill out a health intake form so we can begin building a foundation for your needs. This is an opportunity to focus on what systems in your body are calling for support. We will set achievable goals that will empower you to move forward and feel in balance.





Follow Up Sessions

This session is used to fine-tune the protocol as our bodies can change and respond to the herbs over time. Especially with seasonal changes, it is wise to re-assess one’s health at least every 3 months. I recommend scheduling a follow up consultation within 4 weeks after our initial consultation.





Mini Consultations for Acute Concerns

This consultation is for addressing acute concerns that require attention as soon as possible. Keeping in mind that herbal treatment is not a replacement for western medical services, I will evaluate the client’s condition to the best of my ability as an herbalist, however, I may recommend scheduling an appointment with a physician.

Consultations happen over the phone or in-person at my Ashfield, MA office.


“I contacted Hannah half a year ago to get help with a chronic, autoimmune condition.  I was amazed at her amount of knowledge about herbal medicine and so happy that she is able to provide hand-crafted herbs herself.  Her herbal concoctions have helped me immensely, as has her wise, nonjudgmental counsel about difficult emotions arising from the autoimmune condition and from living in our current climate.”


—J.H., Weehawken, NJ

“I asked Hannah for an herbal remedy to help alleviate anxiety.  She was nonjudgmental during the intake process, which made a big difference to me as talking about anxiety can be difficult.  I believe the tincture that she gave to me has helped me focus on my studies and transition back to a full-time student lifestyle.  Thank you for your wisdom, care and kindness, Hannah!”


-A.C., Portland, OR

Cost: sliding scale $75-125 initial consultations and $45-75 follow ups. I operate within the gift economy system if funds are unavailable as your form of payment.

What is the gift economy? I offer my services as a gift because I truly believe in what is possible when monetary values are not the driving motivation behind something as sacred as healthcare. I trust that this gift will inspire actions rooted in hope and abundance. My services are not "free," however, I am open to receiving gifts. I invite you to make a contribution in whichever form you believe is appropriate. Money is certainly a sacred way to communicate gratitude. Give me what leaves you with a feeling of clarity and balance. It is up to you. Thank you.