Do you feel called to discover more about your roots, your ancestors, and what direction you are headed? During a shamanic session,  I'll facilitate a journey to your Spirit guides with the sacred drum and rattle. Each session is unique and may involve but not limited to: soul retrieval, extractions, blessing ways, discovering Animal and Plant Guides, communing with ancestors, healing deep wounds and trauma.


Meet your plant allies and discover which herbs are here to support you on your journey.  Following the sound of the drum we will communicate with the plant world asking questions, seeking messages and unearthing wisdom for your soul. The plants are our oldest ancestors and contain wisdom for deep healing.  


Offering your body the gift to heal is invaluable. Each person is unique. Different bodies call for different approaches. Herbal consultations with me are an integration of Chinese & Western Herbal Medicine customized to meet your needs. We will work together to find the root of the issue so we can invite lasting balance back into your body.

Not sure which route to take? We can intertwine sessions to best suit your needs.

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Sweet Birch Herbals has been selected as the Winner for the 2022 Best of Northampton Awards in the category of Health Consultant