Made in small batches with

New England butter on the full moon


Honoring a practice rooted in the ancient texts of India, we make our ghee on the full moon, a time of heightened essence, vitality, and expansion. We begin with the finest locally sourced butter and simmer it down to its essence, infusing the ghee with intentions of wellness and harmony. Ghee is a lactose-free oil believed to be sattvic: calming for the mind and purifying for all the organ systems of the body.


Full Moon Ghee is for sale every week at the Tuesday Farmer's Market  from 1:30-6:30pm behind Thornes in Northampton, MA.


Gheelicious suggestions for use:

Stir-fry vegetables with garlic and onions

Spread on bread and crackers with a pinch of sea salt

Bake cookies and cakes

Slather on pancakes

Blend in coffee or chai tea for a frothy drink

Drizzle over rice

Dollop into soups for creamy flavor

Sauteé with curry spices for Indian recipes

Substitute for butter to make any recipe lactose-free



Our ghee has a slightly sweet flavor and a high smoke point of 485°F, making it ideal for high-temperature cooking.