Five Element Shiatsu is a Japanese technique of massage that moves Qi (energy) through the meridian systems in the body. The practice brings balance to the organ systems in the body, which are connected to the meridians.

Each session lasts about an hour and a half including time for a short conversation in the beginning and a cup of herbal tea at the end. For the massage, clients wear loose-fitted clothing. 


Each of us are made up of all the elements in nature: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Like in nature, when the elements are in balance with one another, there is harmony. Shiatsu delivers deep rest, relaxation, and fluidity to offer us more peace of body, mind, and spirit.


Hannah is a Five Element Shiatsu Practitioner, Integrated Positional Release Therapist, and Clinical Herbalist.


She apprenticed with Nini Melvin, shiatsu practitioner and founder of Meridians-  Pathways to the Heart in Florence, MA. Hannah trained with Lee Albert, Neuromuscular Therapist (NMT) and Integrated Positional Therapy practitioner (IPT); Chris Marano, of Clearpath Herbals; Jade Alicandro-Mace of Milk and Honey Herbs; and Margi Flint of Earthsong Herbals. 


Contact Hannah for pricing and scheduling by phone or email. Sessions are available by appointment in Ashfield, MA.


Combination packages are available including both shiatsu and herbal consultations. 

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"The shiatsu session took place in Hannah's beautiful garden. My body became an altar - I had a sunflower on my heart, tulsi in my hair and lovely lil' calendula buds in my hands. I was held by Hannah and these immensely powerful plants and nurtured to my core. After our session we made a essence of all the plants that were used, and a Tulsi Glycerine. These medicines have been such a great support in helping me stay in balance, cool my anger, have more self acceptance, allow my emotions to move through me, and tune into my inner wise woman. Thank you Hannah for this unique and exquisitely beautiful offering."


-B.M., Haydenville, MA